Trendy Thursday: A few of our favorite things- wedding stationery style

So you live in Chicago? Then you know. You know when summertime comes to visit; it brings Virginia bluebells and pops of vibrant peonies along with it. The sun stays up for just a little bit longer, nightfall envelops you in a cool fresh breeze and before you know it, summertime greets you, if only for a brief moment. You’re in a summer daze, bewildered by all things sweet and sunny, and suddenly… BAM!

It’s wedding season ladies and gentlemen.

And you can’t help but feel a little like this:


So start marking up your calendars and let us show you which wedding invitations are “fridge-magnet” worthy.

The best way to incorporate color into your invitation without overwhelming it is by adding color to your envelope liner. You can forget the fridge with this liner. This sultry floral design is frame worthy.


Fancy some vintage lace with your cup of afternoon tea? Nothing says beauty and grace like a little lace and with this invitation, your guests won’t expect anything less.


Don’t be afraid of themed invitations and make it your own. This maritime stationery is tastefully done on Kraft paper, kept simple with black ink and accented with deep reds.


Get it together already! Pockets are a great way to keep all of your cards together if you have two or more inserts. They come in a variety of different styles, like this back pocket. And you’re invitees will appreciate it, trust me!


So you live in Chicago? The greater area or the suburbs? Then you know. You know to come visit us for your perfect wedding stationery.

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