Belsoie on the Beach in Maroon!

A beach and/or destination wedding doesn’t have to be bright! You need to stay true to yourself in doing a color theme that suits you and your personal style. Check out how Belsoie does a beach wedding in hues of Scarlet & Cranberry!

The designers at Jasmine were really thinking out of the box when putting a darker, and typically considered ‘Fall colored’ dresses on the beach, and let’s just say we were a bit skeptical of this idea, but once we saw their beautiful Fall 2015 dresses on the beach, we quickly became lovers of this new and exciting idea and wedding look!

What an unexpected and delightful feast for your eyes! This is such a chic look, and our designers were right, not every beach wedding has to be neon colors, sea shells and flip flops.

Surprise your guests with an unforeseen color theme to make it an unforgettable wedding day!


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