Trendy Tuesday: ‘Wear em’ Again Bridesmaid Looks!

Today’s Bride is a savvy bride, a bride that can do her research and get exactly what she wants! We also know that today’s bride is budget conscious and most women don’t want their best girlfriends to have to overpay for a dress they can only wear once, that is why Jasmine’s designers have evolved our looks to meet today’s brides style needs. These wear again styles will look flawless down the aisle and chic to any special occasion event after the wedding day! Check them out here! And let us know which style is your favorite and don’t forget, these cute styles can be special ordered in at least 12 different colors, and some more!

These are just a few of our JASMINE BRIDESMAIDS styles from Fall 2015 Collections. You can find these styles at an authorized retailer near your starting this summer!


Belsoie L174068


JB P176015K


JB P176059


JB P176056K


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