Trend Alert: The New way to do Mix & Match Bridesmaids


Today, I’d like to re-introduce a tried and true trend of ‘mix & match’ bridesmaid dresses. The new way of doing this is to not really ‘match’ at all. It’s more of a mix kind of thing! This huge trend hit the bridal world by storm and bridesmaids everywhere seemed to be a bit happier because they were not being forced into a dress that didn’t flatter them and/or they simply just did not care for. Being a bridal consultant for many years, I’ve seen many hearts break when that ONE dress for all the girls was picked, it was NEVER an easy thing to please everyone. JUST AN FYI, I do not mean that all bridal parties who wear the same dress are unhappy, but that a lot of times there is that ONE girl who walks down the aisle with a slightly pouty face. DISCLAIMER: WE STILL HAVE SO MUCH LOVE FOR OUR BRIDAL PARTIES IN ALL THE SAME DRESSES, TOO!

This mix and match idea began with one goal in mind… to have all the girls in a similar dress with the same color and fabric but different skirt and necklines to accommodate their personal body shapes and also their personal preference in a dress or formal gown. (See example below)


B2078, B3089, B153068, B173004

Next, brides everywhere started to get a little bit more creative and allow their bridal party to start to pick different dresses AND different shades of the same color. This made it even more mix & matchy! And this was also and refreshing ombré rainbow of colors to come marching down the aisle.


B173016, B173015, B173018, B163051

Late last year, it came to our attention here at Jasmine, that now brides don’t even mind if their bridesmaids were in totally different dresses, different fabrics, different details and totally different shades of colors and had different skirt lengths.

This was the beginning to the latest craze to hit the bridesmaid world! Now, brides are getting even more creative and putting their bridal party in dresses that are 100% different! Generally, these types of bridal parties have different lengths, fabrics, details that include heavy or simple beading, sequins, over-sized flowers, bold and subtle prints, heavy textured fabrics and everything in between are placed together for one HECK of a bridal party look! To me, this look gives off a feeling of “Hey, we are all best friends who love our bride and we all showed up to her wedding looking fabulous and we just so happen to look great together!” And I like this feeling; it’s cool, calm and collected which is the perfect way to feel amidst the typical chaos that ensues on your wedding day.

When these totally different dresses are put together, they all look so special, unique and beautiful but as a group, they look very artistic and fabulous. Check out how Jasmine does this latest trend and you can do it too! Mix and match our dresses from Belsoie, B2 and JB for a perfectly unique and different bridal party while making each and every bridesmaid feel and look their best! You can’t go wrong when you go wild, there are no rules anymore! Have fun!

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