Maternity Bridesmaids Dresses

Being a bridesmaid can be very stressful…from planning bachelorette parties to stuffing invitations, helping to pick colors and offering opinions (as long as they are the same as the bride’s), it’s no wonder that agreeing to be a bridesmaid can be a fun but crazy ride.

Now, imagine that you’re a bridesmaid in an upcoming wedding and in between all of the color coordinating and bachelorette party planning you get pregnant…gasp! What will you do about a bridesmaid dress? How will you make sure that you don’t stand out too differently from the other girls? What if your water breaks while you’re walking down the aisle? (Just kidding…that probably won’t happen…probably.)

We can’t help you with the going into labor part, but we can help you to look to fabulous and cute in your bridesmaid dress! Many of our popular Belsoie and B2 dresses are available in special maternity sizing. All maternity gowns are made in the fabric that is original to the design, and with the original neckline and length. The main difference between one of our maternity bridesmaid dresses and the original style is that in the maternity size, the gown will have an empire waistline with gathered fabric over the bodice. These maternity gowns are comfortable, chic, and match our original styles, which is super important if you don’t want to draw any extra attention to yourself.

Take a look at some of our favorite Belsoie and B2 styles that are offered in maternity sizing!


Belsoie style L174014 offered in Maternity sizing


Belsoie style L174017 offered in Maternity sizing


B2 style B173001 offered in maternity sizing


B2 style B1730147 offered in maternity sizing

CLICK HERE for a complete list of maternity styles!

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