Trendy Tuesday: One-Shoulder Necklines

Let’s talk about one-shoulder necklines and how much we LOVE them!


This look has been around for a while, so it’s really more of a staple in the formal gown industry…but for the sake of this blog and the fact that it’s Tuesday, we’re going to call it a trend.

One-shoulder necklines are so fun and versatile. This unique neckline allows you to still show some skin while avoiding all of the fuss that can sometimes come with strapless styles. Your maids will love the fact that they can dance the night away in their snazzy dresses without a care in the world.

When considering bridesmaids dresses, you should definitely have your maids try on several one-shoulder neckline styles! Here are some of our favorite bridesmaids dresses from recent seasons that feature this ‘here to stay’ trend!

Click on the image for style details


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