#TBT to that one time we took over Jasmine’s corporate headquarters for our Spring 2015 photo shoot!

Not only are we so lucky to get to be involved in such a fabulous, fast paced and fashion focused career but we get to take about four weeks a year away from the daily grind of blog writing, editing images, designing websites and gowns, researching and studying colors, trends, and much more to spend our time making the most beautiful images for the latest collections to be used in our exclusive catalogs, and for our beloved magazine ads. For these couple weeks we eat, sleep & breathe bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and of course, mother of the bride dresses. We turn off our computers and head to sets with our coffees in hand and a smile on our faces.

Not only are our jobs fun during the photo shoots but we are genuinely excited and we thrive on the element of the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, we know our shoots will be beautiful but you never know how everything will turn out, or if there will be a last minute change in events or planning. When Jasmine brings people from all across the world who have been planning different aspects of the photo shoots and we meet right in the middle of the United States in a small suburb of Chicago, things get wild! The creativity is flowing through the set, through the designers and out of the photographers, into the models and then back around the room. It truly is an amazing and beautiful experience that you just have to see for yourselves!

Join in on our good times and watch some videos and see some BTS pics of the latest photo shoot! I call this the Blooper Reel from Spring 2015! #tbt

IMG_0816 IMG_0828 IMG_0858 IMG_0872 IMG_0932 IMG_1007 IMG_1099 IMG_1102 IMG_1078 IMG_1159

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