Wedding Wednesday: Marissa & Derek

LOVE is in the air (literally!)

With a last name of LOVE, it’s bound to be a beautiful romance! And a beautiful wedding for that matter! This couple is truly special and we absolutely loved being a part of their day. We will let Derek do the talking as he describes their first date beautifully, enjoy!!

“I moved to Chicago in late December 2010. I still had dishes in boxes and packing peanuts stuck to my apartment walls when Marissa and I first met in-person. We arranged to meet on January 2, 2011 at the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Ave and Randolph. I arrived early and nervously chatted with the docent. “I’m meeting this girl for the first time today,” I told the docent. “Just between you and me, I’m really nervous.” She smiled. “Oh, good luck to you then,” she said. “Be sure to see the Tiffany Dome upstairs.” I turned around, and Marissa was walking right up to me. She shook my hand and introduced herself: “I’m Marissa.” She was shorter than I imagined (a petite 5’0″ — though she’ll swear up-and-down that she’s 5’2″) and her handshake was considerably firmer. She was carrying a gigantic bag full of study materials and a knit cap on her head adorned with a jaunty knit flower. She had our date all planned out — she turned toward a pop-up modern art installation, our first stop, and I immediately followed. The docent gave me a thumbs-up. I was hopeful, confused, more than a little euphoric. I was in love.

We visited the Tiffany Dome (at least we thought so — turns out we visited another lovely dome instead). We stretched out on our backs on the Cultural Center floor for the best views of the ceiling. The deep blue-colored stained glass was our favorite. Now it’s our wedding color. After the Cultural Center, we stopped by Starbucks on Michigan Ave for hot chocolate. We chatted for a couple of hours, which passed in a flash. As I was the new guy in town, Marissa promised a quick tour of Michigan Ave. But the bitter January weather quickly defeated my Washington, D.C. winter coat, and we ducked into the Purple Pig restaurant on Michigan Ave to escape the cold. We enjoyed dinner together, wedged between other couples in the tiny, bistro-style restaurant. We laughed easily at each others’ stories and fought playfully over the pigs’ feet and deep-fried kale.

As we braved the cold again on Michigan Ave, it was time to say goodbye. My toes were frozen as we waited, and the bus stop was hardly any help against the winter wind. But I hoped the bus would take its time. I looked at Marissa — warm in her Chicago coat — and I took one step closer to be by her side. Standing there next to each other, we swayed gently right and left. A subtle dance to the tune of an unseen Musician, whose music moves all things.

And that’s how we met.”

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Congrats Marissa & Derek, we wish you a lifetime of happiness! Derek-Marissa-1


Wedding Date: 5.11.13 // Bridal Dress: Jasmine Couture Style T180 // Wedding Veil: Jasmine Galleria Styles RV038/RV062 //  Bridal Shoes: Paradox London Pink Style Cinnamon purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Clutch: Jasmine Galleria // Hair & Makeup: Jasmine Galleria Celebrity/Senior Artists // Wedding Invitations, Place Cards & Menu: Jasmine Galleria // Mother of the Bride Dress: Jade Style J4418 // Photographer: Joshua Albanese // Ceremony: Holy Name Cathedral // Reception: Zed451 //


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