Latter Day Bride’s Eye Candy Photo Shoot

Allowing custom changes to our bridal gowns is an amazing service that allows our brides to create one-of-a-kind pieces. We love it when our brides and our stores take advantage of this service because we love to see their creative flare added to our designs!

We recently caught up with one of our stores that loves to take advantage of our custom change option on bridal gowns, to learn about their inspiration for changing up one of our favorite new designs. The fabulous ladies at Latter Day Bride in Utah are experts when it comes to creating uniquely beautiful bridal gowns.

Check out their gorgeous photo shoot using our original design of Jasmine Couture T162067 and their stunning updated version that they named Penelope !

What was your inspiration for the photo shoot?

“As far as theme goes, we like our photo shoots to convey natural bridal beauty. Rather than going for an avant-garde look, with crazy hairstyles and out-of-the-box locations, we like our photo shoots to speak to real brides. We wanted to capture natural elegance and lovely beauty that our bridal dresses only enhance. We like our locations to blend with our gowns. This past year has been fraught with gowns gleaning inspiration from Great Gatsby, and we capitalized on that in our gown and in our location.”

Tell us about the shoot location.

“We did our photo shoot at La Caille in Salt Lake City, specifically the Chateau. We loved how this area looked like you were stepping into a French chateau nestled in the pristine woodlands. Our photographer, Rebekah Westover, was perfect for shooting this location. One of her strengths is how she plays with natural light, and she really brought this location’s beauty to life for us. She worked with the elements that were already there to enhance our gowns and our overall vision.”

How did you chose the styles for the shoot?

“We place our orders at market each season, and as we select the gowns for our “Eye Candy” photo shoot, we try to find the dresses that really speak to us. The gowns that inspire us the most and that really make the strongest statement make the cut for our on-site photo shoots.”

Why are you loving the “Penelope” style and why do you think brides will too?

“The Penelope gown is one of our favorites for this upcoming season. As brides look for something beyond lace, they are naturally drawn to the intricate beaded detail found in this luscious gown. As the Gatsby trend continues, brides are really loving this silhouette and the stunningly different sleeve design. As part of our shoot, we loved how this dress worked so well in the strapless and modest versions. It was a perfect addition to our “Eye Candy” photo shoot, and a perfect addition to our bridal collection this season.”

RJW_9058 RJW_9086 modest-bridesmaids-penelope-eyecandy modest-wedding-dress-penelope-eyecandy-1 modest-wedding-dress-penelope-eyecandy-2 modest-wedding-dress-penelope-eyecandy-3 RJW_8854 RJW_8993 Photo credit: Rebekah Westover

Rebekah Westover
Rebekah Westover


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