We’re Bringing Sexy Back this Season!

Jasmine Couture & Collection gowns are ‘bringing sexy back’ this season! Here are the top 5 reasons on why we are OBSESSING over our newest & hottest bridal collections for Spring 2015!
1. Jasmine’s necklines dare you to be sexy!

8-20-1 (T172002, T172006, T172013, F171005, F171006, F171012)

2. Jasmine offers the sheerest & softest fabrics that begged to be touched.

8-20-2 (F171003, F171008, T172004, T172007, T172015)

3. Jasmine is giving the ‘low-down’ on sexy backs!

8-20-3 (T172012, T172016 , F171002, F171011, F171017, F171018)

4. Jasmine gowns will flirt with off the shoulder, illusion and crystal encrusted strap details!

8-20-4 (T172004 T172011, T172012, F171009, F171002)

5. Jasmine bridal collections will entice you with corseted bodices &body hugging skirts to give the HOTTEST silhouette & shape!

8-20-5 (F171017, F171001, F171019, T17219, T172008)

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