STYLE WATCH: Light & Airy Ballgowns

Almost every girl has dreamed or at least thought about walking down the aisle one day and a lot of times we imagine wearing a full ball gown to have our ‘Cinderella’ moment! … That is until we go to the bridal boutique and have to jump into these monstrous ball gowns that require an entire sales staff to dress us and walk us out to the mirrors to take a look at it. And do not even get me started thinking about what happens when I’d have to use the ladies room on my wedding day in that gown! These gowns should have a disclaimer on it that reads, “HELP REQUIRED TO DRESS”…this was not for me.

Well, Jasmine has thought about all of us princess brides and we have a solution to these heavy yet undeniably beautiful & dramatic princess styles. We’ve searched the globe for the airiest, lightest and softest fabrics to use in our bridal collections and paid special attention to our ballgowns’ fabric and focused on taking the weight off our brave princess brides to make it easier to wear! After all, it’s YOUR wedding day, we want you to look & feel FAB, not weighed down by your gown.

Please enjoy this sneak preview to our Spring 2015 Collection bridal line. We’ve got ballgowns covered and our princess brides will fall in love!

PS: Not only did we make these ‘beauties’ lighter but we bumped up the sexiness to give you the ultimate HOT ‘Cinderella’ gown!

ballgown-2 ballgown-1 ballgown-3
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