Wedding Wednesday: Lisa & Patrick 8.17.13


Summer is finally here and we have to admit–there is nothing better than summer in Chicago. In honor of our favorite season, we are sharing a gorgeous Chicago summer wedding, one that is near and dear to us! Lisa has been modeling for Jasmine for over 2 years now and we absolutely adore her! So when she said YES to the dress, we were ecstatic to be a part of her special day!

Lisa & Patrick’s wedding day looks to be as perfect as it gets, with endless pops of fuchsia and grey, right down to their incredible reception site; their wedding is one that just sweeps you off your feet at a quick peek at their images. Not to mention, Chicago plays a beautiful skyline backdrop to the fabulously, stylish wedding party! A beautiful, classy reception, an intimate and traditional ceremony, and a gorgeous couple inside and out- this is one that you will definitely want to bookmark!

After the traditional Catholic ceremony, guests headed to The City Winery, where white and fuchsia floral, candles and warm wood ambiance welcomed. Guests at the reception were treated to backdrops of glass wine bottles with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the wine cellar. This venue was a perfect combination of urban with a mix of earthy, warm tones utilizing elements of architecture, exposed brick, wood ceilings, and lush colors like greens, purples, and reds.   Did we mention their giant chandeliers are handcrafted out of wine bottles?! Purely genius.

Lisa’s Jasmine fairytale stunner was the perfect gown for her and she knew it was THE dress when she tried it on and did not want to take it off! “I could not stop thinking about it!” She truly looked like a beautiful princess! Their wedding was filled with love, laughter and fun!  The princess bride said her favorite part was seeing how much fun her loved ones were having as they danced the night away.

But beyond all of the non-stop pretty, this is a story of two people who were truly, truly meant to be.  Two people proving that opposites do attract & that love at first sight does exist! Check out images from this seriously adorable duo’s wedding below.

LP-Wed-2013-_56P1141 LP-Wed-2013-_56P1112 w1

Now let’s dive into the good stuff- From the bride, Lisa: “Patrick and I met at Cinco de Mayo, which is easy to remember.  We were both out with friends at a Mexican bar.  A little back story: Patrick went to a Swedish college and I am from Sweden. So when his friends at the bar told him that, he walked up to me and said “Hi, my name is Patrick and I live in Naperville” in Swedish; needless to say, I was blown away. Who was this gorgeous man who knew my language? I laughed and was instantly interested, he asked me if I would like to have a drink with him, which I gladly said yes to and the rest was history!”

LP-Wed-2013-_56P1151 w2 w3

“On our first date, he took me to my favorite sushi restaurant. (It also happened to be my birthday.) When I ate more than him during dinner, he thought (which he later shared) that this is the girl of my dreams. After that, we were inseparable and now seven years later, happily married.”

w4 LP-Wed-2013-_56P1312

“I fell in love with Patrick the moment I met him. I love his kindness, but also he is patient, generous, and extremely smart! What can I say?! I married a brilliant man.

I knew I was in love the night we met when he first kissed me. I had never had that feeling before, and I knew right then that I had to be with him forever.”


From Patrick: “I fell in love with Lisa and married the girl of my dreams. She is mature, independent, strong, confident and comfortable in her own skin. She is the girl that doesn’t care what other people think about her, all she cares about is her man, family & future and I find that to be very admirable.”


The proposal: “I was in complete shock! I did not expect it at all. I was coming home from work and thought we were going out for dinner just like any normal Friday night. He greeted me at the door with flowers, which he does do from time to time, so I did not suspect anything. I heard my favorite song playing in the background and asked what is going on? He led me into our home, where I saw candles, flowers, champagne and pictures of us e v e r y w h e r e! That is when I began to wonder, “what is going on here?” And then it happened. All I could think of was “don’t forget this moment, remember it, remember what he is saying to you!” All I could do is stand there in awe, looking at my future, trying to take it all in. I didn’t even look down to the ring when he opened the box. I was still in shock looking at his face. Then he smiled and lifted the ring up to my eyes and said something along the lines of “honey, are you not even going to look at the ring?” I began to snap out of it and started to function again. The rest of the night was just as amazing with a fancy dinner, champagne, friends, more champagne and… Oh and did I mention I said “yes”? : )


Their last piece of advice to all of the recently engaged couples, “Don’t stress out about minor details, because you will not remember them. All you will see is your husband, family and friends, nothing else will matter in the end. So enjoy every second of the day!”

Congrats Lisa & Patrick… we wish you an eternity of fun, health and love!


Wedding Date: 8.17.2013 // Wedding Dress: Jasmine Couture T152006 purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Bridal Veil: RV060 purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Ceremony: The Holy Trinity Church in Chicago// Reception: The City Winery in Downtown Chicago// Photography by Yaneck with Wasio


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