All About Dads!

This week is all about DADS- and boy do we love them! Being a daddy’s girl myself, Father’s Day is more than just a day to play golf, watch some ESPN and drink a brew – it is a time to thank all of those truly wonderful Dads out there and to show our appreciation. So in honor of all the men that raised us, here are some of our favorite Father of the Bride/Groom suits and tuxedos to make your Dad look his best on your special day!


1Gray Portofino, Slim Fit Tuxedo, Style 301- Available at Jasmine Galleria


2Gray Dillon, Slim Fit Business Suit, Style 312- Available at Jasmine Galleria


3Havana, Tan Business Suit, Style 252- Available at Jasmine Galleria


4Midnight Blue. Business Suit, Style 302- Available at Jasmine Galleria


We will leave you with some of our favorite advice quotes from the loving Fathers out there:

“Be a solid human being. Respect the love that you share with your spouse.”Sarah Simm’s Father

“You’re always too young to be sad. You deserve someone who makes you smile every single day.”Samantha Toscano’s Father

“Proud of the courageous woman I have become, he says, ‘Love is a partnership.'”Jazzmin Reece

“The secret to the couples who have been together for decades is that they find a way to fall in love with each other every six months. People grow at different levels and each spouse has to make a decision to slow down and wait for the other to catch up.”Sara Collins


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