Bridal Style Advice: Picking your BLING!

Our beautiful Jasmine Couture and Jasmine Collection gowns are so stunning that they don’t necessarily NEED to be accessorized; however, a little *bling* never hurt anyone! … Please view the latest Jasmine bridal gowns paired with my current obsession, the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous and versatile pair of chandelier earrings from HAUTE BRIDE. This is not just any ordinary pair of studs, it is a unique and high end work of art that doubles as a time piece that can be passed down from you to your daughters and then to your daughters’ daughters!

Fall in love with our current crush, Haute Bride chandelier earrings style EC929, paired with the newest and “haut-est” Fall 2014 Bridal gowns! We found it utterly amazing that when these earrings were paired with different gowns with completely differently styles that these stunners took on such a different personality! We are amazed by the changeability and exquisiteness! These are and will remain to be my go-to chandelier earring; every bride must try these pretties with their most loved Jasmine gown!

earrings 1-F161054-I 2-F161054-I2 1

3-F161052-I 4-F161052-I1

2 5-F161062-I1 6-F161062-I2 3 7-T162064-F 8-T162064-FT 4 9-T162061-F 10-T162061-FT 5



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