Jasmine’s Favorite Ball Gowns

A ball gown is an absolute must-have if your wedding a ‘Princess for a Day’ wedding vibe, or a ‘classic’ vibe, or even a ‘preppy’ vibe.  Even if you’re not going in any of those directions for your big day, I think that every. single. bride. should try on at least 1 ball gown while dress shopping.  Of course, nailing down your perfect silhouette is one reason, but another reason just because they are SO FUN to wear! What’s not to love about a fitted bodice with a full skirt that’s eye-catching and full of detail?

Our designers have said that they LOVE to design ball gowns because there are so many fun things they can do with the full skirts!  From smooth flowing satin, to intricately gathered organza that can only be described as organized chaos, the ball gown silhouette can cover a variety of looks and fashion tastes.  Here are a few of our favorite ball gowns!

Click on each picture to get gown details

Full, Layered Skirt Ball Gowns


Lace Ball Gowns

Full Ball Gowns with Smooth Skirts


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