Jasmine’s Favorite A-Line Gowns

An A-line gown is EVERYTHING. Attention all brides to be who have no idea what type of gown will look the best on your body or maybe you have no idea what your body type even is then try an A-LINE bridal gown! An A-line gown can flatter all body types because of its magic body balancing shape. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Now we know that looking like a capitalized letter “A” probably has not crossed your mind, however, it should! This ultimate bridal gown shape can balance out an unbalanced figure whether you are heavier on top or on your bottom, or maybe you are very straight, then this A-shape will pull you in at the waist giving you the most coveted shape of all, an hour glass shape! There are so many different types of A-line gowns and within this silhouette there are different fabrics, necklines, skirt materials & textures and also the gown can take on the shape of a full A or slim A.

Just like all bridal silhouettes, there are endless options, but narrowing down the shape should be your first step in the bridal gown hunt.

So, get out there and give me an “A”! (That was for all you past cheerleaders out there!)

Please check out our ‘fave’ A shaped gowns from our current Fall 2014 season and seasons past.

Full A-Line

Slim A-Line

Flowing A-Line

FromJ XoXo

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