Creating an Entire Look for your Wedding Day!

Hello, Jasmine loves! Today, I want to help you create an entire bridal look with ease. This should be a fun process and not cause any stress for you, your besties, your fiancées besties or either sides of the family including all mothers!   Please read on to enjoy some stress free advice to keep you calm while your sales consultant pulls out the color options for your bridesmaid gowns, MOB/MOG, and the tuxedo colors  & tux accessory plethora of color options.

1. JUST BREATHE. Whether you already know that you want your girls in lilac and your ‘honey’ in a charcoal tuxedo or, you have no idea about any colors,  just remember, breathe & everything will be OK.

2. PICK THE BRIDESMAID DRESS or DRESSES (picking the dress or mixing & matching is an entire other topic, check other blog posts!), then tackle the color wheel.  Do not sit and over think this. It’s easy. Pick a color that you gravitate towards, a color that you love, a color that flatters YOU, not your bridesmaids. This is your day, so don’t worry about whether your bridesmaids look good in peach or better in jewel tones. This is all about YOU! What flatters your skin tones, your venue and your overall ‘FEEL’ of your wedding? THINK. BREATHE. DECIDE.

  • SIDE NOTE: When I say ‘FEEL’ of the wedding, I am referring to the mood of your special day.
  • Answer this. Do you want it to be formal? Casual? Traditional? Super trendy? Or somewhere in between? It’s your day. You can feel however you want and your feelings with transcend to your bridal party and guests!

3. CHOOSE A COLOR. BREATHE. DARK PURPLE? GREAT! This color suits the overall feeling of modern romance & suits your early October Wedding at a vineyard in California.

4. MOVE ON. Your bridesmaids will be in a Jasmine’s “Bordeaux” color. Let’s move on to your mother and your sweetie’s mother. They want to compliment the bridesmaid dress but do NOT want to look like a bridesmaid. EASY.

  • When shopping with the two most important women in your life, please remember this… Let them be comfortable & happy. Your MIL wants to wear black because she has not ‘worn color’ since she was 15. LET HER WEAR BLACK. It’s flattering, compliments ALL colors and she is happy & comfortable.
  • Next, your mom has chosen her dress and wants to wear a color totally opposite your bridesmaids’ color, Bordeaux. Good news, Bordeaux is a jewel tone and mom’s look fabulous in jewel tones; gem colors are very upscale, vibrant and flattering mixed together! There are SO many options. She could do TEAL, NAVY, and EMERALD or even BLACK. Anything goes! Let her choose the shade that makes her feel the happiest and the best version of herself.

5. CONGRATULATIONS! You have chosen 3 fabulous looks for your bridesmaids and both mothers successfully! And they will all look so great in the…. couple pictures they are in together.  Let’s take a peek at how your fave ladies will look together.



6. BREATHE. AGAIN. Let’s power forward and move onto the men in your life & wedding! Again, think about the ‘feel’ of the wedding. Formal & Traditional? EASY. Black tux, white crisp shirt and black bow tie. Or are you having a beach wedding? OK. Khaki suit. DONE.



Photo credit: Jim’s Formal Wear Tuxedos available at Jasmine Galleria

7. Enjoy your decisions! Please see the group picture with all looks!


From Jasmine, with Love XoXo


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