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If your wedding is in late June, chances are that both your mom and future MIL don’t have their dresses yet…yikes! Well…I guess it’s not a total ‘yikes!’ situation, but it’s definitely an ‘We need to get this done ASAP’ situation.

I’m going to help you and your ‘moms’ out by giving you a plan of action:

  1. Read this blog post so you can become an expert on MOB and MOG style
  2. Make an appointment at your local bridal salon for THIS weekend
  3. Have your ‘moms’ try on their favorite Jade and Jade Couture dresses and fall in love with a style (hopefully not the same style)
  4. Order their Jade or Jade Couture gowns on a ‘rush’ so that they are delivered in time for any last-minute alterations and jewelry decisions

If your ‘moms’ want the luxury of choosing different colors, lengths, custom sizes, and accessories, they will need to custom order their gown, and they will need to do it NOW! Here are a few tips to remember when shopping for the perfect MOB and MOG gown this weekend:

Wear The Color that Looks Best on You!

Contrary to popular belief, the moms of the wedding do not have to match the bridal party! The moms don’t stand with the bridal party, and there’s usually not a ‘bridal party + moms’ formal picture.  The only formal picture your mom will take with the any bridesmaid is if it’s a family picture-and that doesn’t have to coordinate (unless you’re going for a ‘90’s era family portrait’ style)!

I suggest reading a book called “I Want My Mother’s Dress to Match The Napkins: Funny stories and serious advice about how to look your best at your child’s wedding” by Barbara Tibbetts, who co-owns one of the nation’s premier special occasion boutiques, T. Carolyn located in Houston, Texas. Barbara spends time explaining how to choose the color that is best for you.  When you’re done reading, you’ll realize that your MOB and MOG do not have to coordinate with the carpet color in the church.

Barbara book_low res

Jewel tones are great colors for moms.  Here are a few of our favorite Jade and Jade Couture shades. *Keep in mind that monitor settings vary so we always recommend seeing a color swatch in person at a bridal salon.


Hide Imperfections with Strategic Designs

Even though your ‘moms’ are gorgeous, chances are they both have some tiny imperfections they want to hide. Jade and Jade Couture designers have mastered the art of designing flattering styles that are youthful looking and contemporary-Mom’s nowadays don’t want to look like moms!  Here are a few design elements to look for that will flatter any figure:


Asymmetrical lines help to cinch in waists and narrow hips (Trust us on this one!)


Pleating on the bodice, especially at the natural waist, helps to hide a tummy.


Ruching at the back zipper will hide any stubborn bumps that try to show up.

Use Shawls for Creative Arm Coverage

If your ‘moms’ don’t want to wear a jacket, but they still want to cover their arms, here are a few fun ways they can tie a shawl to achieve the perfect look:

SHAWLSThese draping & tying methods are perfectly trendy, and they will give the exact amount of arm coverage needed.  If you need help figuring out these draping methods, take a look at this video from Barbara and Terrie over at T. Carolyn in Houston, Texas.

Now you’re ready to go shopping! Utilize these tips, take the expert advice from the stylist at your appointment, and make sure she tries on a TON of different styles and colors!


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