We have had many lovely brides walk through our doors who are not looking for a traditional bridal gown for many different reasons. A few reasons you may be going for a ‘not-so-typical’ bridal gown may be that this is your second wedding and want to keep it low key, you are throwing a small intimate wedding or maybe you just want an easy white or ivory gown with no fuss!

Jasmine has you covered, we carry so many lines and so many different styles of dresses and they are all available in an array of whites, ivories, soft pinks, and champagne colors! We know that no two brides are the same and we want to give you options and choices to make your wedding day a day that you truly love. A large part in making your day special is the dress you choose! The dress needs to look like you and make you feel fabulous whether you feel most fab when you are buttoned up in a traditional lace gown, wearing a flowing chiffon skirt, or a mini lace dress! We want YOU to be feel like your best self!!!


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