Flattering Styles for your Curvy Bridesmaids

Our fabulous stylist, Kristyne gives us great insider advice on how to dress your bridal party so that everyone feels their BEST and looks STUNNING!

Perhaps you are like me and your bridesmaids are all so very different from each other.  Not only do they have different careers, personalities, and senses of style, but they also have different body types as well.  When I got married three years ago, I needed to find that one dress that all of my bridesmaids would look amazing in, regardless if they were thin or curvy.

Instantly, I knew that I could turn to B2 and Belsoie to offer an array of silhouettes, both classic, yet modern and trendy.  I knew they had over 100 gorgeous colors, and the most beautiful fabrications.  I knew that if any of my married bridesmaids were to become pregnant, both B2 and Belsoie had plenty of maternity styles for them to choose from.  I also knew that for some of my curvier girls with true hourglass figures, they would have the option of doing custom sizing, where the dress is made according to their body measurements.  That saved on time and money for alterations.  I did end up choosing a Belsoie dress, style L3004.  It was a strapless, A-line dress with a tuxedo style bodice.  The style was sexy, but not revealing.  It was the easiest decision I made and of course, all my girls absolutely LOVED it.


Belsoie style L3004, Kristyne’s choice for her bridesmaids!


I wanted to take a moment to help all the brides out there, who, like me, have both thin and curvy bridesmaids.  Some features that will help curvier bodies to appear slimmer is a V-neckline, halter or scoop neckline, or any style that elongates the neck. The perfect style for your curvy girls will accentuate a narrow waistline and either show off the curves in a mermaid style gown or hide them away in an A-line skirt, whichever they or you prefer. Some of the Belsoie and B2 styles have scoop necklines in the front and beautiful high lace backs. That type of style is wonderful for someone who has back flaws or even a tattoo she may want covered up.  Also pleating in the mid center of the dress’ skirt provides forgiveness, so it doesn’t expose anyone’s stomach flaws.  By choosing a Belsoie or B2 dress, I know all of your bridesmaids will be feeling and looking their absolute best.

Here are a few great styles to consider:


Belsoie style L164022


B2 style B153057


Belsoie style L154054


B2 style B153066


B2 style B163010


Belsoie style L154064


B2 style B163017

XoXo, Kristyne


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