Fall 2014 Jasmine Couture Season Preview

The Fall 2014 Couture gowns took my breath away when I first saw them.  Believe me, they are absolutely STUNNING! The hard work our team has put into the design and execution has definitely paid off.

The beading quality and time spent on each piece is unbelievable.  All beading on the Couture gowns is hand sewn by our skilled seamstresses.  There’s one gown that has 121,147 beads on it, no joke. It takes 135 total hours to hand bead this dress!


Our team spent some time last month learning about the new Couture gowns and photographing our Fall 2014 advertising campaign.  We’re gearing up to show off these beauties at Bridal Markets in Chicago and New York this April.


Here’s a quick behind the scenes look from our Jasmine Couture photo shoot.




We all got schooled by our Production Manager in the areas of design, fit, shape, fabric and details (I much prefer this type of schooling over my econ classes in college). The new Fall 2014 Couture line features


The new line is stunning; we can’t wait to show it to stores in person this April!  These gowns will be available in stores to try on and purchase in late summer 2014.




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