Exclusive look at Jasmine’s Fall 2014 Fashion Campaign

This season we took fashion to a whole new level- designing ‘jaw-dropping’ necklines and ‘cant-help-but-stare’ silhouettes.  Showcasing bridal, bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride fashion, this season features chic and sophisticated looks with an eye on MAJOR style! F14 marries sexy with romance, playful with sophisticated and vintage with modern, creating multiple lines that are purely irresistible!

Mixing old with new, vintage with modern, and light with dark, designers explored their works of art through a creative lens. With shadows, texture, hues and depth, they created iconic fashion editorial images.  This season’s fashion campaign not only showcases the new lines, it projects an overall feeling, a mood, an atmosphere—captivating the viewer, as if they are telling a story!

Stay tuned for the entire collection of lookbook images on jasminebridal.com and look for advertisements to appear in major bridal publications this Summer!

IMG_0295 IMG_0385 IMG_0387 IMG_0321 IMG_0359 IMG_1929 IMG_0345 IMG_0371 IMG_0378 IMG_0393 IMG_0396 IMG_0410 IMG_0476 IMG_0468 IMG_0492 IMG_0544 IMG_26022014_104856j


The Jasmine Crew : ) XoXo

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