Buyer Beware: Online Knock-offs are Too Good to be True

There is absolutely no substitute for the care and quality service you will receive when purchasing a Jasmine gown from an Authorized Retailer. We want you to receive the best in quality and service, so Jasmine does not allow our gowns to be sold online.  If you purchase a Jasmine gown online, we cannot back the product, nor are you guaranteed that you are buying an authentic Jasmine gown…scary!  Visiting an Authorized Retailer in person will ensure that you will order and receive a beautiful and quality made gown.  If you purchase online, you are buying a fake dress, most likely at a price that is too good to be true, and you are taking a huge risk as to what you might actually receive.

This video by Good Morning America demonstrates exactly what can happen when you purchase a knockoff gown online for a discount price.  The pink bridesmaids gown shown in the video is a knockoff of a B2 by Jasmine dress, and the video even shows knockoff bridal gown examples from other designers.  If you are considering purchasing your gown online, please DON’T!

online knockoff screen shot

Here is another example of a knockoff Jasmine dress.  It’s obvious that the knockoff dress does not have the original design details of the Jasmine gown that make it unique and special.

Online Knockoff_Jasmine gown

Please take the time to educate yourself before making this important purchase.  We want you to look perfect on your special day. If you order a gown online from a knockoff website, you run the risk of receiving a dress that looks like a hot mess, and you will most likely have to purchase a different gown and spend more money. You can visit Jasmine’s Store Locator to find an Authorized Retailer in your area.  Purchasing a Jasmine dress in person from one of these stores will ensure that you will receive a quality and well-made product.


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