#TrendWatch: Two-Tone Bridesmaid Gowns


Yes, I know you are probably rolling your eyes at the idea of two-tone bridesmaid dresses and thinking to yourself, “This is what brides did in the 90’s!”

…But wait just one minute; this bold bridal party trend has returned to the bridal fashion world & is taking a much more subtle approach to dual-toned dresses. These gowns are soft, sweet & on-trend for 2014!

Check out a few of our styles from Jasmine Bridesmaid collection and let us show you how to do this understated but elegant twist on a two-toned bridesmaid dresses the Jasmine way!


All of these little cute cocktail numbers are offered in two colors! Go bold by choosing two contrasting colors like yellow lace with green lining, or keep it simple & sweet by picking complimentary colors; these are colors that are very close on the color wheel like red lace with pink lining. You can decide for yourself. Either way, you cannot go wrong with Jasmine Bridesmaids!



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