Jasmine Engagements: Marites & Aman


Come fall in amore with today’s Real Love.  In honor of this time of year, we are sharing an adorable & OH SO SWEET engagement story… literally. Since we weren’t there while their love was sealed with a cupcake kiss, we will let our lovely Jasmine Bride, Marites, do the talking : )


“Aman and I met in 2004, when we went to the same medical school in Illinois.  He became a good friend.  When we became inseparable, we knew we were more than just friends.  At the end of medical school, we matched in different states for residency:  Aman in Ohio for Anesthesia; and I matched in Michigan for General Surgery.  We supported each other through the toughest year as interns with long distant telephone calls, and weekend trips visiting each other when we weren’t on call at the hospital.

Somehow, our years apart brought us much closer than we had ever been.

After two years, Aman decided to give up his categorical Anesthesia spot in Ohio and move to Michigan to be closer to me.  As luck would have it, there was an opening in the Anesthesia residency program, and he’s been with me ever since.  We added a doggie, Ford, our fur-baby to our little family, and I thought I couldn’t be happier.

But then….

On May, 7th 2013, we were visiting our families in Illinois.  We had planned a side trip to Chicago, as we typically do.  He had mentioned that he made a reservation at this cupcake place for us to try out different flavors.

Being a food lover, I was super excited.  At 3pm sharp, we entered the cupcake place in downtown Chicago.  There were a line of people, and I remember thinking, “What a great turnout for this cupcake tasting event”.

Aman then told me I should look at the display case to see what cupcake flavors I might want to try.  I headed over to the glass case, and I saw my name on one of the cupcakes.  I turned around to Aman smiling, “That cupcake says my name!”  I was still thinking it was part of the cupcake tasting.  He looked at me and asked, “Did you read the whole thing?!?”

I turned to the display case again, and my eyes focused on the first line of cupcakes…

“Will – you – marry – me – Marites?”

When I turned around, Aman was on his knee with a very distracting, sparkly ring in a box!!!

Oh my goodness!  I was bursting with happiness!!!  How SWEET!  Literally – the cupcakes were ah-mazing.

Like a typical woman, I immediately started wedding gown shopping online.

There was a Brides against Breast Cancer event that was being held at the Jasmine Galleria in Lombard.  Shopping and philanthropy?!? Sign me up, pronto!  It was my first ever visit to a bridal salon.  Jessica was my consultant, and she was absolutely the best.  She seemed to know exactly what I wanted.  After only four dresses, I had found, “The One!”  I didn’t want to take it off.  I can’t wait to walk down the aisle towards Aman in my gorgeous Jasmine gown!

I love him!  I love us!  and now, I love my gown!  Thanks, Jasmine!”


Congratulations on your engagement Marites & Aman. We know you are going to make a stunning Jasmine Bride and we can’t wait to see pictures from your BIG day!





Wedding Dress: Jasmine Couture- T142063 purchased at Jasmine Galleria-Lombard, Illinois  // Cupcakes & Sweets: Sugar Bliss Boutique in Chicago, Illinois // Photographer: Willie Chandler



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