Wedding Wednesday: Lorena & Zach- 8.17.13

wedding_wednesday All good things come to those who wait.

Today’s Wedding Wednesday touches our heart in more ways than one!  This Wedding is very near & dear to us & boy is it a pretty one! Lorena doubles not only as a beautiful bride but also as our very own event coordinator!  She has an understated elegance she carries with her everywhere she goes, and it played out beautifully as she tied the knot to her Mr. Right.  These two love birds celebrated their love in front of their closest friends & family, an intimate affair filled with casual elegance that will make you melt!

Nestled away in the flatlands of Woodstock, this restored barn turned venue wowed the guests with its original beams, outdoor fireplace, breathtaking scenery and grand deck blanketed by the starry night sky- can you say romantic?!  This is a place where charming outdoor ceremonies play hand in hand with breathtaking receptions overflowing with all things lovely!  Perfectly understated yet fabulously intimate, this sweet & charming love story truly is innately beautiful!

Champagne, peach and splashes of blushing pink all nodded to this laid-back, country inspired affair.  With natural and charming decor filling the room with warmth, this countryside wedding made for an evening of happiness!  Not to mention- Lorena looked absolutely gorgeous in this lace stunner, which represented their style and love: classic & simply elegant.

But beyond all of the non-stop pretty, this is a story of two people who were truly, truly meant to be.  Two people proving that opposites DO attract & that waiting is worth it in the end! Even though it took 6 years (as Lorena would say) these two were made for each other; check out images from this seriously adorable duo’s wedding below.

Congrats Lorena & Zach… Wishing you all the best for today and always!










From the Bride…

It was a long time coming, 6 years in fact. But worth all the waiting!  I think we both agree that we are a classic case of opposites attracting— we love each other for our differences! We joke about the fact that as an Indiana boy who grew  up in a rural area he didn’t know the term “gangway” until he met me (growing up in Chicago- you learn a thing or two), and before I met Zach I didn’t know what a “snow drift” was. We always look forward to learning and influencing each other. We can’t wait until we get senile and start forgetting who’s story is who’s.

 Great…now I miss him 😉 ”


Wedding Dress: Jasmine Couture- T180 purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Veil: RV041 purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Bridesmaid Dresses: Jasmine Bridesmaids P165054 purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Earrings: Haute Bride purchased at Jasmine Galleria // Floral Design & Décor: Jasmine Galleria // Invitations: Jasmine Galleria // Cake & Sweets: Jasmine Galleria // Venue: Concord Center in Woodstock, IL // Photographer: Sharon Ponti Photography- Jasmine’s 2nd Photographer


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