Trend Report: Creating the Perfectly Eclectic Bridal Party

Here at Jasmine Bridal we are always following the LATEST trends in everything wedding related! For 2014 we are focusing on the hottest bridesmaid trend that allows ALL bridesmaids to LOVE their bridesmaid dress & wear a color that compliments their skin-tones beautifully. Here are some very easy steps to follow when creating this TRENDY look that Jasmine calls “THE PERFECTLY ECLECTIC BRIDAL PARTY”!

The first rule in creating this beautifully eclectic bridal party look is… THERE ARE NO RULES! Here are some guidelines and steps for you to follow as you style your bridesmaids.

STEP 1: Pick a color HUE such as pink, yellow, blue, etc. But, remember, this is NOT a one shade fits all bridal party!!! Each bridesmaid can wear a different shade of a specific color family OR complimentary colors that are opposite on the color wheel, like red & green for an overall eclectic color mix!

INSIDER TIP: Think of a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers, what colors do you see? Blush tones, mix of red roses, or sunflowers with orange daisies? This will help you visualize what type of MIX of colors you like together.

*Jasmine’s bridesmaid’s lines Belsoie, B2, and JASMINE make this task SIMPLE! We offer so many shades of pinks for an early Spring wedding, reds for a twist on a classic Holiday wedding, or hot corals for a late Summer wedding, and many more! We also offer THREE different bridesmaids lines to fit ANY bridesmaid’s budget!  You will have NO problem finding the PERFECT color combination at an authorized Jasmine retailer near you!*

STEP 2: Invite your entire bridal party into an authorized Jasmine retailer and let the bridesmaids have some fun while they decide which Jasmine dress fits their personal tastes, budgets, & body shapes!

*Listen to your bridal party consultant, they usually have GREAT insider tips on styles that flatter all body types, colors that work well together & can assist your bridal party in their search for the perfect dress*

Step 3: Once the bridal party has made their selections on what dress they will be wearing; sit down with the sales consultant for a SIMPLIFIED decision making consultation. The consultant can lay out swatches for each dress & the color selection will begin.

INSIDER TIP: Remember the bouquet of your favorite flowers & shades, colors & textures in this bouquet; would you love a bouquet with the color hues selected for your bridal party? If yes, your color selection is complete!

** Jasmine offers their retailers fabric change options on most styles. You can MIX IT UP with this HOT trend that works by having your bridesmaids wear the same or different fabrics for a perfectly eclectic mix**

***Jasmine Retailers can offer their customers over 15 different fabrics available within the Bridesmaids lines with up to 65 different color options & different skirt lengths on most  styles!***

Step 4: Sit back & relax! There is no hard ONE-DRESS & ONE-COLOR decision making for you! Once ordered, wait for your PERFECTLY ECLECTIC BRIDAL PARTY gowns to be delivered to your Jasmine retailer.

Step 5: ENJOY! Your bridal party will be happier in a dress they chose & one that fits their own personal needs & you will be happy to have such a TRENDY & unique look at your wedding!









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