TRENDY TUESDAY: Dress up your Maids in Jasmine’s latest & greatest B2 lace styles!


The Bridal industry has been swooning over gorgeous lace bridal styles since the beginning of time; NOW, you can incorporate the beloved, beautiful lace in your bridal party & not have to sacrifice on color!  These B2 lace frocks are available in over 60 different color options.

When you choose B2, you are choosing endless possibilities. If you prefer the traditional look– pick your favorite lace-y B2 dress and color and dress all your best gals in the same style and shade.  Or, if you prefer the non-traditional route– have your girls pick THEIR favorite lace dress for a mix & match look that has a fun, eclectic, and trendy look & feel!

EXPERT INSIDER TIP: To make your bridal party more unique, choose different lace styles & different colors for a more dramatic look!

Check out our latest flattering & fashionable Spring 2014 B2 styles; ones your maids will want to wear over & over again!



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