Today’s Love: Get SWEPT away with Jasmine Couture style T162019

Baby, it’s COLD outside! Here at Jasmine, we cannot wait to get out of the cold, so what better reason to plan for a destination wedding somewhere WARM, somewhere TROPICAL… somewhere other than the COLD Midwest! Style T162019 is the perfect gown to GET SWEPT AWAY in!

PICTURE THIS: wedding on the beach, white sand between your toes, warm breeze at your back and a glistening blue ocean horizon sets the scene off in the distance! The soft flowing silky-chiffon is just BEGGING for a breeze to sweep through its layered asymmetrical chiffon skirt.

Another fabulous feature of this gown is its delicate clear beading inspired by the clear blue ocean water, evoking a feeling of informal sophistication. Put yourself at ease by making your bridal gown decision an easy one- CHOOSE T162019 for a low key, unimaginably stress-free destination wedding!




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