TBT: B2 style B2078

This Thursday Jasmine is throwing it back to Fall 2009 for the BEST selling B2 dress ever, style B2078. This wonderfully constructed bridesmaid dress embodies everything needed for a flawless bridal party! There are endless reasons why this dress has been purchased by so many Jasmine bridal parties, here are our TOP 5 REASONS to consider Jasmine’s beloved B2078.


1. This dress is sampled in the ever so popular, B2 Poly Chiffon and is available to special order in over 50+ colors!

2. B2 Poly Chiffon is a versatile fabric and depending on the color you choose this dress can be worn for a simple informal wedding or an
elaborate affair!

3. The figure flattering shape of the gown is chic & practical. The center front pleating is a magic eraser for any problem areas so you won’t have to worry about how you will look; Also, the vertical line draws the on-looking eye up and down making all bridesmaids appear leaner & longer. Our finishing touch is the soft sweetheart neckline that flatters all bust sizes.

4. This fabulous frock has also been known to be worn AGAIN! A lot of times brides & their bridesmaids will pick a gown and justify the price by saying “You can always wear it again!” … In the past we have found this to not ALWAYS be true. However, believe us when we say, you can wear this gown again!  It is simple, chic & timeless and would be the perfect gown for any event that calls for some formality. Add new life to this gown after the wedding by cinching in the waist with a metallic belt or cutting the hem into a hi-low for a trendier feel!

5. B2078 can be easily accessorized to fit any wedding taste and personalities. We have seen this gown worn with absolutely no accessories and we have also seen this gown worn with large colored floral necklaces, chunky bracelets & thin or thick sashes!


 You cannot go wrong when you pick B2 style B2078 by Jasmine!


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